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Back to my real job

Now that I am finally back to my real job (painting) things are really popping.   Completing that first painting of Machu Picchu broke the logjam.

I just finished  a smaller painting of the Hens and Chickens (no, not what you think — they are succulents) I saw and photographed in Quito, Ecuador last year and am working on a larger version as well.   To add to that I also just finished an abstract watercolor based on the burning of the Deepwater Horizon titled, Monster in the Gulf.

Monster in the Gulf

Monster in the Gulf

And  I am mulling over in my mind and dreaming about how I will create an abstract watercolor (again, probably one of many) based on the “cheap and cheerful” markets we saw everywhere in Peru.  The two quick watercolor sketches I did last week are showing me where I need to go with this.  The drop cloth for my studio just arrived (abstracts are incredibly messy with the spraying, dripping and splattering)  so I plan on starting that next week.  And finally, as I look at a lot of my photos I’m getting a strong urge to paint more people.

To top it all off, I am taking an abstract drawing class with Frank O’Cain at the Art Students League which is a real challenge.  It’s such a struggle not to make my sketch of the model representational.

I may have to either find more hours in the day or focus down on one or two items.  But right now it’s fun.

Posted by ruthhurd on September 26, 2010

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