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My Yo-Yo Existence

I should have known better. The fact that I did a few successful abstract sketches in pastel did not mean it would be easy to translate that success to watercolor. Each medium has its own demands and rules. Duh!

Well, I just spent all day trying to turn one of my pastel sketches of Monica, our model, into a watercolor. Three attempts later I’m ready to tear my curly hair out!  There are no easy answers to creating art.  What worked in pastel just isn’t working in watercolor.  I took the final pastel sketch and simply tried to recreate it, forgetting that the pastel sketch was a result of several steps, including smooshing.

I’ll have to find the watercolor version of smooshing … maybe that will work.  Or maybe I should take one of my not-quite-successful (= unsuccessful) pastels and use that as my pre-smooshing version in watercolor.  Or maybe …

Oh rats!  I think I need a drink!

On the plus side, I finished my Cheap and Cheerful Market abstract painting based on some photos I took the day we arrived in Cusco.

Cheap and Cheerful Market

The local markets in Peru are so colorful.  Since I took pictures of them in every town, I have lots of raw material to work from.  How’s that for ending on a positive note?!?

Posted by ruthhurd on October 18, 2010

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