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More Patterns in Abstract Watercolors

Lately I’m into patterns:  patterns of the dirt in city snow, patterns of cloud shadows on rocks and snow, patterns of stripes and reflections.  I’m starting to see everything in terms of patterns.

First I was captivated by patterns of dirt in city snow, so unlike the clean white stuff you see in magazines.  Very little of city snow is white.

City Snow III

City Snow III

Then I started to get into the blue white and brown patterns formed by the intersections of cloud shadows on rocks and snow, not coincidentally along the West Side Highway.  I pass them each week when we drive to and from our grocery shopping at Fairway.  Somedays the sky and shadows are darker than others, but the endlessly varying pattern is what grabs me.

City Snow V

City Snow V

Couldn’t you picture that as being somewhere in the Alps?  Nope.  Just the West Side Highway in upper Manhattan.

Then I started getting into the patterns you see in the intersection of stripes (as in tablecloths) and highly reflective objects (as in expresso pots).

Red White and Gray

Red White and Gray

I’ve done a couple of paintings of this expresso pot where you could actually see where the stripes came from (the tablecloth) but I love this one, because it’s just about the patterns.  It’s almost not a real object any more.

Yup.  I’m loving’ this abstract stuff.

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Posted by ruthhurd on March 14, 2011

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