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Costa Rica was/is wonderful

Well, I’m back from 2 wonderful weeks in Costa Rica with 2600 photos and lots of fun memories.  Among other things, we did horseback riding, mudbaths, white water rafting, Pacific outrigger canoeing, ziplining in the forest canopy, and lots of walking on rainforest trails.  It was the kind of vacation you need another vacation in order to recover from the first vacation.  Not terribly strenuous, but certainly action packed.

What I didn’t have much time for was painting.  So here are a few quick sketches…

The aptly named Angel’s Trumpet flowers are a salmony pink color and quite large.  These were growing outside the Doka organic coffee plantation [if you haven’t ever tasted Costa Rican coffee, go out and buy some now] as part of an effort to keep bugs away from the coffee plants without using chemicals. So beautiful but perfectly utilitarian.  Maybe they kept the bugs away from us too because I didn’t get bitten once (a minor miracle).

Angels Trumpet

Angels Trumpet

This next sketch came from my standing up on the riverbank (Rio Sarapiqui) looking down at the rest of our group getting out of the rafts and starting to climb up the bank.  The rafting had been very exciting, but this just felt like a lazy sunny summer day gazing at the river and the red life jackets through the trees.



Costa Rica has some really beautiful flowering trees, among them the Tamarindo.  The pink and red and orange flowers against the blue sky  made me glad to be alive.



The most dramatic of the flowering trees was one called the Flame of the Forest.  Its flame red flowers made a beautiful canopy, like a fire engine red umbrella over the green forest.  Unfortunately, none of the pictures I took worked (my shaky hands and the fact that we were always moving and I also needed to watch where I was putting my feet). My frustration that I couldn’t get a good picture of it must have influenced this sketch:  I started to paint some red flowers, but somehow it turned into the Flame of the Forest.

Flame of the Forest

Flame of the Forest

I’ve almost finished organizing all the photos we took.  The need to learn an upgraded software program (ver. 4 to ver.9 of Photoshop Elements) on a new computer (Mac) made the process particularly frustrating and time consuming.  But I knew that if I didn’t do that first, I’d never finish it at all.  So now I can finally start painting again.  Whew.  It’s about time.  I was starting to go into withdrawl.

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Posted by ruthhurd on May 5, 2011

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