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Colorful Antigua

Our recent, unfortunately brief, trip to Antigua, was a vacation where I finally had time to just sit and paint.  In between visits to the gym and meals, I got in ten fairly quick sketches.

The colorful homes of Antigua are remarkable: pink and blue, green and orange, mauve and sap green, yellow and green, turquoise and burnt sienna, pink and yellow …  The combinations were endless.  So, of course, several of my sketches focused on the colors.

This first one was of some kayaks on the beach, waiting for customers.



This next one shows a turquoise and pink building glimpsed briefly on the road from the airport.  It was seen so quickly that I was left with a jumbled recollection of telephone poles, signs and, of course, the turquoise and pink of the building.



This last one was of a green and orange house, so bright and cheerful it just jumped right up at you.

Green and Orange

Green and Orange

Antigua is proving to be quite an inspiration.  Based on one of the other sketches, I’ve just put the finishing touches on a larger painting of a little black bird with a red “bib” getting ready to sip scotch from a half empty glass.  They were everywhere (the birds, not the half empty glasses of scotch) and very bold.  The waitress cleared the table before the bird was able to drink very much, so I still don’t know how a drunken little black bird acts (or flies, for that matter).

And I’ve done five sketches of some trees silhouetted against the ocean, based on two photos I took.  While I’m figuring out how to finally make that work, I’ll be doing one of patio tables and chairs bleached out by the noonday sun.  And that’s just scratching the surface.

Aren’t vacations wonderful?

Posted by ruthhurd on August 14, 2011

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