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Split Complement Series continues

Working in a series simplifies a lot of things.  It doesn’t make painting easier, but it does simplify. And continuing my Split Complement Series simplifies my color choice … a huge benefit.  Blue, yellow , red. What could be simpler? Of course, it’s also simpler if you take the basic composition and play on it.

So, the original idea was a blue vase in the upper right corner, some red-orange flowers in a vase to the left and slightly below, and a blue-cerulean scarf hanging down below and to the left of the flowers. Not too complicated, but I certainly knew how to screw it up with my first attempt. (I won’t show you that.)

Split Complement III 2015 $1,400

Split Complement III    18×24   $1,400

Amazing how many different versions there can be.  In this one, you can also see a hint of the round white vase at the top that I made yellow to repeat the color somewhere besides the lower right. If this sounds complicated, it really isn’t.

Split Complement IV

Split Complement IV   11 x 15     $750

Here I’ve simplified the shapes almost out of existence and made red the dominant color, with blue and red the complements.

Finally, the last one (for now):

Split Complement V

Split Complement V 18 x 24 $1,400

Although I put some of the blue back in at the top right, red is still the dominant color.  More to come …







Posted by ruthhurd on July 11, 2015
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  1. 07/12/2015

    Great to work in a series. Love number V!! Look forward to seeing more.

    • 07/13/2015

      Thanks, Jane. Your coming exhibit looks really good. Wish I could be there.


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