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Maybe it wasn’t the color

In my last post, I talked about how color influences us (me) and about whether red and black is an inherently angry/aggressive color combination.  Well, maybe it wasn’t the color.  Maybe it was me.

Spit It Out

Spit It Out      11×14      $725

I actually painted this horizontally.  But the only way it made sense to me was vertically.  And the title just seemed obvious, to me at least.  The combination of blue and yellow (which makes the green) isn’t an inherently angry or aggressive color combination.  But the title and the painting itself both do seem aggressive.  Not necessarily angry, but certainly aggressive.

Maybe it IS me.  I’ve certainly been frustrated by my slow progress with acrylic and this painting DOES give me the feeling of aggressively tackling the problem.

So here’s the question (similar to last time):  how does this painting and these colors make you feel?  Is it just me?



Posted by ruthhurd on February 24, 2016

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