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It’s definitely not the color

Well, continuing with my blue and yellow acrylic on Yupo, this painting also seems to be aggressive, if slightly less than the last few. But it’s definitely not the color … so maybe it’s the technique: acrylic on Yupo applied with a palette knife or lifting tool (cut up credit card). Or maybe it’s just me.

Raptor in Blue

Raptor in Blue      11×14      $725

My initial title was Bird of Prey, but that actually seemed too aggressive for the painting (I was getting tired of aggressive titles). And then when thinking of other words for bird of prey I came up with raptor. From there it was a quick jump to Raptor in Blue, a title both descriptive, and a play on words.

If you can’t see the bird, no problem.  Maybe it’s just me.


Posted by ruthhurd on March 4, 2016
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  1. 03/16/2016
    Joe Williams

    I certainly like the new acrylic work and your parallel explorations with color. “Raptor” still strikes me as a little aggressive for the work, though I appreciate the word play. As far as emotional impact, I felt more comfortable with the red/black works while the blue-dominated pieces seemed a little unsettling. I guess this might be a result of your experimentation, or perhaps your own mood leads to working with particular colors. Have you been drawn to the oranges or yellows for the dominant colors in a work? I can’t wait to see how your new direction continues to unfold.

    • 03/16/2016

      Good to hear from you, Joe. Lately I’m thinking that it is the technique which is “aggressive.” There is no pussy footing around when all you have is a palette knife in your hand (or at least I don’t know yet how to soft-pedal anything with a palette knife) and paint on Yupo. I’m experimenting now with Bristol paper instead of Yupo (cheaper, but not as smooth or as non-absorbent). To be continued …


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