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Another Crossroads painting

I have no idea when this will finally stop, but I have done another Crossroads painting: Crossroads VII. Although still abstract, this painting is pretty representational: you do get the sense that you’re looking at an atomic test mushroom cloud in the making.  Or in this case, the unmaking, since the mushroom cloud is starting to collapse to form the white radioactive cloud at its base.

Crossroads VII

Crossroads VII      15.5 x 12      Acrylic      $800

The awesome power of the bomb that can continue to force up that central column of water even as the mushroom cloud is collapsing is indescribable.

And the multitude of American ships positioned near the Bikini Atoll and the seamen on them were just so much “collateral damage.”  We already knew how powerful these bombs were;  what were we thinking?!? Years later, one of our scientists described the 1946 tests as our “first atomic disaster.”


Posted by ruthhurd on November 7, 2016

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