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Experiment gone wrong

Okay, so this isn’t about the work I do at the League (as promised in my last post). It’s about the different work I do in my studio at home: specifically it’s about an experiment gone wrong.

It started out well enough. I decided to do another ocean meets the beach painting by dripping paint onto a small canvas and moving it around with a palette knife.

Acrylic paint continues to move around as it dries

Beach II, initial

I liked the initial result, but left it to dry over the weekend, since the paint was very wet.  But who knew that acrylic paint would continue to move around as it dried?  Argh!  All the subtlety in the ocean disappeared leaving it an almost uniform dark blue. The white expanded a little and became a uniform pearlized blue-grey.  It was entirely too blah for my taste.

So I set about to try and recreate what I had liked in the initial painting, with varying degrees of success. And, for some reason, it really doesn’t scan well.

Beach II

Ah well, it was just an experiment, an experiment gone wrong.


Posted by ruthhurd on August 13, 2017
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  1. 08/14/2017

    Did you gesso the canvas before the first painting? Love to watch your experiments – you are so persistent and brave in your approach!

  2. 08/14/2017

    No I didn’t. the canvas had already been gessoed when I bought it. But I was using Flood Floetrol as a medium to extend the paint and also using Golden’s Iridescent Pearl instead of just Titanium White, so I’m really not sure what caused everything to continue to flow.


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