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It’s all atmospheric

Lately, everything I’ve been painting is atmospheric. No (or very few) hard edges;  lots of soft, fuzzy stuff. And interestingly, my recent vacations have been very soft focused: the Canadian Rockies with the British Columbia forest fires providing lots of smoke; Montana’s Glacier National Park with California providing lots of smoke; and then Chile and Argentina (mostly Patagonia) with lots of fuzzy mountains in the background.  I actually love that kind of landscape.

Well, here are some of the results.

The skies in Patagonia were absolutely spectacular.

Lago Del Toro     2019     18×29     Acrylic on raw canvas      $1500

You can see why Bariloche is called the Little Switzerland of Argentina.

Bariloche is a beautiful part of Argentina.

Bariloche      2019      Acrylic on raw canvas      18×24      $1400

The Lake Louise ski area in Alberta, although relatively deserted in the summer, is really beautiful, especially when viewed from the top of a chair lift.

Lake Louise ski area is beautiful in the summer

Lake Louise 2019 Acrylic on raw canvas 24×18 $1400

Alberta, where I was born, is a beautiful province and, compared to NYC where I now live, relatively uninhabited.  I loved the peaceful solitude.

Falling Tree

Falling Tree      2018      Acrylic on raw canvas      24×18      $1400



Posted by ruthhurd on February 12, 2019
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  1. 02/12/2019

    The soft, atmospheric quality of your art is beautiful.

    • 02/12/2019

      Thanks, Christine. Acrylic on raw canvas, like wet on wet watercolor, is pretty unforgiving. But when it works, it’s wonderful. (You’re not seeing my failures.)


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